Extra Mile Creative
Centred (EMCC)
We do it right, so you stay on track Contact Us
Extra Mile Creative
Centred (EMCC)
We do it right, so you stay on track. Contact Us
Working since 2018

Welcome to EMCC

Extra Mile Creative Centred (Extra Mile Cc) was founded in 2018 by Mthetheleli following his strong interest in public relations, fundraising, and corporate engagement. After counts of good tracking records, in June 2020, the company was officially registered.

Extra Mile Cc exists to be a partner and a friend of a corporate sector, public sector, and to individuals whose goal is to be successful in a now very competitive industry.

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How to make payments?

Bank Transfer / Deposit

We do not accept cash payments. We encourage our clients to do bank transfers when making a payment and to always email proof of payment to paymentoffice@extramilecc.co.za

Our Banking Details:
Bank Name: Capitec Bank
Account No: 1644952104
Cell: 0711376540
Name: Mr M Gwaza

Working since 2018

Our Approach

We take pride in how closely we look at each client, treating them as the unique business that they are. we believe that hwile businesses may look the same, they deal with their unique bundle of challenges and advantages. Understadning what makes each business different, helps us identify each business’ specific needs and how to best meet them.

Our Values




Commitment to Customers

Continuous Improvement

Who we are

Our consultants have an advanced degree in their field, and all have one mission; to identify, attract and retain clients by offering high-value service with exceptional performance and at a reasonable cost.

Mthetheleli Zizi Gwaza

Managing Director

Sifiso Hadebe

Marketing & Communications Director

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